Bit of a story.

Had a wedding to shoot in Old Bar yesterday. I woke up in morning with the news showing the town surrounded by fires, and assumed it’d be 0.5% chance of a wedding happening. The only road into Old Bar was closed.

Anyway, I told the bride Lucy, that I’d get to Taree and see if I could find a way in. With so many closed roads, I found a 4hr detour out through the bush. Got to Taree and my plan was to find the news stations and tell them about the story and hope they could take me in. I found reporters as soon as I arrived and they said not even the police can get into Old Bar, so I had no chance.

I heard the celebrant (Stretch)was trying to get in as well so I gave Stretch a call and the most epic story unfolded. Stretch told me to meet him out of town on the river with his mate Griffo, he found a local that could row us across one river in a small tinnie. Then they found another local hero, Maverick, who drove us a few kms down the road to a jetty where two boats met us and took us a couple of kms down the river into Old Bar, where we got picked up again and driven to the wedding. Down the river was where the fire front was headed and we were surrounded by so many helicopters grabbing water right next to us and bombing the fires. So surreal.

Anyway, the wedding went ahead. The Today show rocked up and filmed it. And an epic party followed. Crazy day!

Here's the national news clips below and wedding gallery.