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Hey, Ben here!

Thanks for swinging by and welcome to my world.

I’ve been photographing couples in love for almost 18 years now. In that time, I’ve learned to appreciate the unique bond that exists between two free spirited humans and I feel honoured to be the one telling their story.

When I don’t have my Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer cap on, I’m a pretty relaxed family man. I enjoy spending my time painting in the studio, riding waves, feeding my kids’ (X3) sense of adventure and whipping up Woodfire Pizzas.

I’m also lucky enough to travel the world a few times a year, working as a Humanitarian Photographer for NGO's. It feels really rewarding being able to use my skills to help people who need support. I also relish in exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures. It’s given me some great perspective and I know I can offer couples more because of the gratitude I have for day to day existence.

I thrive working with couples who bring joy to one another. I mean that in the simplest way possible. There’s plenty of outrageous things to see at a Wedding, but I’ve found quiet moments and subtle romance to be the most special. Regardless of who you love or how you love, I encourage you to do things your own way.

I’m a fairly sincere storyteller, in the sense that I like to capture a natural moment without interfering with it. To me, Wedding Photography (photography in general) isn’t about getting the ‘perfect’ shot. It’s taking an interaction and transforming that into a memory you can hold on to.

I love being in the thick of the action! I’m tall, but I’m inconspicuous - I swear! You can trust that I’ll stay present and support you throughout your wedding, but I’m not there to run your show. I’m an easy-going guy and I like to go with the flow, whatever you want is what I want. I’m a calming presence and my goal is to make sure you stay comfortable.

I genuinely believe in creating a quality experience, so when I say I’m committed to your wedding, I mean it. I’ve travelled the world shooting weddings; I’ve made the news for weaving my way around bushfires to make it to ceremonies (see video below). It’s all a thrill and I enjoy every second, but my point is - if you’re somewhere and you want me, I’ll be there too.

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Kind Words

What is so attractive about Ben's style is his reverence for nature and the way he weaves that into his wedding photography. He finds a way to echo your love and your soul into the landscape that surrounds you. It's incredibly humbling. We still look back on our wedding photos with so much warmth and joy.

Ben's reputation preceded him and his service exceeded our expectations. His humility, professionalism and ability to make us feel at ease is evident in our stunning collection of elopement day photographs in Uluru. We feel so honoured and grateful to have had the privilege of experiencing his incredible talent on our wedding day.

There is something truly special about finding a photographer who sees the world like you do and then captures it in more ways then you could possibly imagine! We feel thankful and blessed to have shared our wedding festivities alongside the incredibly skilful, insightful and gifted Ben Adams! Capturing it all, the light, the feeling, the history, the connections between guests, the moments of heart explosion and extreme deep painful laughter, he’s got it all!

— Natalie & James

— Mane & Lee

— Paula & Nathan

Adelaide Hills — Australia

Uluru — Australia

Hudiksvall — Sweden





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